Monday, July 18, 2016

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops... Oh what a rain that would be!!! (July 12, 2016)

First of all, I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention that we had Cambio's. Sorry. I hope you all had fun running around Canada together. I'm sure everything was swell and Dayne did dandily in his shows.

So that you know, we didn't have combios. I’m still here in Ayacucho with Hermana Calderon. It's Still the family history leader. There are some really awesome people here! But I will come back to that… 

Last Monday after P-day, Hermana Stodtmeister, the Zone Leaders, and I all hopped on a bus down to Lima. Oh, the bus is something special. That's all I've got to say. We made it to Concilio de Lideres.  I'm not going to lie; my attention span isn't that big after “sleeping” on a bus all night. But, Hermana McGinn’s lunch makes it all worth it! She made cinnamon rolls, Mom!!! Oh, how long it's been! Anyway, as soon as we got done with the meeting, our Ayacucho group ran to the temple. You see, Hermana Stodtmeister has a brother in the CCM Latino group. They go to the temple on Tuesdays in the afternoon. So we try to plan it perfectly so that she could be there when he was. Were sitting out front in front of the temple and he walked out and it was just the cutest little reunion! And I was able to give one of his companions a package to take to Maddie. After that, we were able to go in and do a session. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! I really have gained a testimony of it here in the mission. After the session, we scurried back to the bus station to hike back up to “High-Acucho”. That ride wasn't as bad, but doing it twice in a row just makes ya a little tired.  Especially, when you got to go straight to meetings when you get back. But it's all good! I'm having a once in a lifetime opportunity! And the fun part is that I get to do it again this weekend when we take converts and rescues to the temple for Historia Familiar. 

Anyway, the rest of my week after that was super normal, so not many other stories to tell. Oh, but we did get a new pensionista.  For the weekends. Her name is Angela, she's super cute and cooks well! Wait! I do remember something significant that happen this week! For the first time in a year, I heard thunder, saw lightning, and felt a real raindrop. And then all of a sudden, there was a river in the street that went to my ankles. I got really excited because I have my handy, dandy rain coat and was all good to go. But it was super cold! It rained like three days last week. It just comes out of nowhere! Ahhh! So that was my week.

Now, I’m going to tell you about some people. I realized I hadn't done that in a while.
First our investigators. Rosario and her son Alvaro. I just love them so much! She is a single mom with two kids, a teenager and a toddler, and also takes care of her 90-year-old grandma. She is so excited about the gospel and can see the changes in her life that come when she applies the Atonement. Her two-year old toddler is basically my best friend! Every time we go over he always says “Hermanas! Come in, come in! My book?” And then he runs to get his book of Mormon and is ready to sing hymn. They just get the gospel. The only problem is that they haven't been coming to church because Rosario has been studying for her Masters. She just finished, so they're going to come and be baptized and become an eternal family! 

We are also visiting Diana and her sister Thysse. They are less active converts. Diana has a five-year-old, who is also my best friend. They're super cute and have testimonies I need a lot of help to strengthen them. They are super cute and I just love them!

So I'm out of time, but I want to tell you about everyone here and let you meet them. I'll try to write about more next week! I love you and think you're the best and hope you have the greatest week!


Hermana Elise Joyner

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