Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vamos Pastores Vamos, Vamos a Belen [Let Shepherds Come, Come to Bethlehem] (Dec 14, 2015)

¡Buenas tardes mis queridos familiares! Another Monday is here! And just one more Monday until I can see your lovely faces! 

Like I was telling mom, I will Skype next Friday the 25th for Christmas at 4:30 pm from our Pensionista's house, Hermana Fanny. I will have 40 min. SO, I need Dad's skype info and I will send you my info next week. ALSO, I get to make a 3 minute phone call to set it up next Monday. So there's that...

The next thing is I just love the Hobbs! Little Gracie and Abby made my day! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 

As for decisions with release dates, I will pray and let you know. Something to think about. 

As for Dayne and his consist taking classes from Sister Graham... STAHP!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!

Something else I should mention, I went to the dentist last week and got a sealent (ant? no sè) replaced. I had a cavitity forming but it's all good now. 

PONDERIZE! 2 Nephi 5:10-11. I love this scripture when we teach about the commandments. The people were obedient in ALL the things of the Lord and the result was that they could prosper and live after the manner of happiness and the Lord was with them. If we are obedient in even the smallest things, the Lord will be with us and we WILL prosper. This is a promise from the scriptures. SEA OBEDIENTE!

I don't have too much time, but I will just share a little experience. Last Saturday, the Stake Primary had an activity where each ward presented a number of songs. The Primary President of our ward came to me and asked if I would help them with our ward's songs. She asked me to sing a solo in English and the kids would sing the chorus in Spanish. She said the song was a super well known song and that I would know it. Well, it may be well known in Spanish but I ain't never heard that in my life (the song name is in the subject line). I had to learn it really fast and then translate it into English. The first verse translated nicely and was great. The second verse did not convert over so nicely and I was too lazy to write something that made sense, so let's just say if anyone actually knew english in the audience, they would seriously be doubting my sanity. It was really funny and made no sense! WHEW!

That's all I got time for now. I love you TONS! And will take to you NEXT WEEK!!!!! AHHHH!!!!


Hermana Elise Joyner

(We think this is the song she was referring to above)

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