Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Lord is on thy side! (Aug 10th)

What a week! This week was a lot faster! And so filled with so many things!

First, thank you for all the emails! It's always good to hear from home. I'm glad everyone is doing well. And you're new toy! You got a fully equipped van!

First, some advice for Alex. STUDY!!!! PREP NOW!!!! Read and STUDY PMG!!! You are going to wish you had if you dont. I had only rad through it once before my mission, and now I wish I had become more familiarized with it. The time before you go into the MTC is so precious because everything changes once you get in there. SO, buckle down and get to work.

I only have about 10 minutes today, so hopefully I can share at least part of what I want to.

Aunt Melon- feel free to use whatever you want! My letters are here for you!

Here in Lima Sur, I have become well acquainted with stairs. To get to our apartment, I have have to climb 63 (to be exact). And then to get to appointments and what not, there are yet more stairs. I just have to look at them and say, "Ok! Here we go! I've got the gospel and you got the house! Come at me stairs!" Im gonna have really strong legs by the time I come home. Just think about that while you are driving around in your cars, Alex...


So last Saturday, the CCM missionaries came proselyting like we did. They were in their first weeks when we were in our last, so I could recognize some faces. It was awesome becuase I walked into our capilla and chilling at the front was HERMANO V.!!!!! It was awesome and I got to talk to him for a little bit and it made me happy because there were people I knew. And English.

So for the past two days, it had been "raining." This rain is more like a constant drizzle that makes everything wet. I LOVE IT!!! I has never rained but it did. It was just refreshing and rejuevnating. We were standing on the sidewalk yesterday, trying to think of where this house was and I just though "Im in Peru, in the middle of rain, trying to find people to talk about Jesus with. HOW COOL IS MY LIFE!" But legit! It is cold here too! In the morning it is so hard to get out of bed bc it's cold and there are no such things as indoor temperature systems such as AC and heat. You live what you live.

I have a talk for you ALEX! And Dad and whoever wants to be uplifted! I dont know if you can find it. If you cant, tell me and I will take a pic of mine and send it to you.  "Fear Not, I Am With Thee" by Dieter F Uchtdorf, 2014 Seminar for New MIssion Presidents, Tuesday June 24, 2014. SO GOOD!

So ever since my experience last Sunday, I have been so ready to just go out there and serve! We've been able to find 3 new people to teach this week and it's been great! I love this work adn this gospel! It's still hard and still like what am I doing, but prayer is real and the Lord is on my side!

Dayne, if you want to send me some tips on how to learn Spanish, that'd be kinda neat...

I dont have any more time!

I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR NOTES!!!! And the mission stuff, Dad.

Your favorite missionary (starting Tuesday),

Hermana Elise Joyner

How far is it to church?  Do you walk or ride?  walk, 30 streets from our apartment
Do you have any good stores close by?  we have to walk like 15 min to a grocery store
How long will you be with your trainer?  Are you on the 12 week training program? with Guelet until Sept. 6 but then I will get another trainer to finish the 12 week
Where do you go to email on p-days?  Are you on a timer?  the church, no timer but Guelet is like on point when it comes to times and the internet
Where do you do your laundry?  Washing machines or by hand??  everyone in the mission pays members to do it
Does anyone cook anything for you?  I was confused if you are cooking all 3 meals by yourself? no one cooks for us, maybe when Guelet leaves, we will get a pensionista, but for now, I find something for breakfast and lunch and then no dinner
Is your back feeling better?  Dad sent you some back exercises and I will send some Yoga stuff in another email, my back still has problems but i just gotta stretch it, nothing else hurts though
How many are in your district?  How close are the closest missionaries to you? 6 in the district, we are hte only sisters, there are 2 more hermanas in our zone
How does the mission give you money?  Do you get a debit card like Dayne did?  How much do you get a month? debit card that we take money off of, 650 soles per transfer

Do you pay rent and utilities or does the mission do that for you?  we pay

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