Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 1, 2015 - Another week gone by....

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've been here for 2 weeks! That's crazy. I feel
like I just got here yesterday and am still in the beginner level, but
NO! IM NOW OFFICALLY AND INTERMEDIO! A group of the advanced and
latinos just left on Monday and we got newbies last night. CRAZY how
time flies!

So basically nothing new really happened since I wrote that
handwritten note. We are in class basically all day, but its split up
by physical activity, lunch, language program on the computer, and
dinner. I love it though! And all of our breaks are long enough to
give me a breather but short enough so that I dont completely go off
into lala land.

So we got new Latinas yesterday. I was talking with some of them at
lunch today and I was actually having a conversation! LIKE I CAN SORTA
SPEAK SPANISH!!! LIKE WHAT?!!!! Talk about the Gift of Tongues to make
it this far in two weeks!

So, more about my district. All Hermanas! I love it because I think
that it is what we all needed. Four of us are going to Lima Sur (we
are all roomies). Then two are going to Trujilo and two to Lima Oeste.
They are a super fun group and we all have fun learning together and
sharing spiritual experiences.

So with the new group coming in, we got 36 north americans!!! Our
group only had about 20. Like this is a giant group! We have 2 new
roommates that are filling the empty beds in our rooms. I havent met
them yet but Im sure that they are nice.

What else can I tell you about... My teachers! We have a morning
teacher and an evening teacher and one who comes in and out to help
the morning. Our first teachers name is Hermano V. This is his first
time teaching norte americanos. He just got back from Lima Sur about 6
months ago, so he likes to tell us stories about it. He is good but he
talks super fast and we are like, "'¿Comó? But its good. We played him
in ping pong the other day and totally won! The evening teacher is
Hermano F. HE IS AWESOME AND SO FUNNY!!! He thinks that we will be his
last district. He always brings us "supresas" and talks way slower so
we can understand him. He always ends the night with something like
super spiritual and impactful so like every night before companionship
study, the entire room is just so filled with the spirit; it's
tangiable! He likes to tell jokes in spanish and english but sometimes
his spanish doesnt translate over to english so that makes it even
funnier. And the other teacher is Hermana O. She has been helping
Hermano V for the past two weeks but now she has her own district. She
is seriously the cutest person ever!

What else?! Oh, mom you wanted to know about Visas. So coming into the
country, we were tourists. Then the first friday, we went to the
Migrations office and gave them paperwork that the church had already
filled out. Then we went to Interpol to do fingerprinting and stuff
for it. It's not that hard of a process to get a Visa here.

Well, my time is running out!

Hermana Elise Joyner

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