Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy MonthDay to ME! (Aug 17th)

I'm not sure if you are aware (Mom is), but yesterday was officially 2 months since I have been called Elise outloud. Like, my name is officially Hermana Joyner. YASSSS!!!!

Sounds like we both had quite a week! I wish I could've been there with Cole and everyone at the temple. SO PRECIOUS!!! And DAYNE! Welcome back to the real world!  Nice to see ya (or at least your name on my emails). 

To answer your question Mom, no we dont eat dinner. I'm honestly not sure if other people do here because I'm not there with them when they eat but I'm sure they do. I take an apple and a granola bar with me each night. I'm fine. Dont worry about me! I eat plenty of veggies each day and am keeping my immune system up (which needs to happen bc Guelet has been sick this past week). But Im fine! It's all good in the neighborhood! I also drink water like crazy. I can tell that I am losing weight though. I've cooked a couple times this past week and Guelet the other days. Maybe after she leaves, we can find a pensionista. 

So last Tuesday, our shower broke.. Yup. It only gives up freezing water that is impossible to shower in. Seeing this as unacceptable, Guelet and I boil giant pans of water every morning and put it in a trashcan and shower using a mug. If you ever want to have a super fun time, I suggest doing this. Oh hey Peru! Bahahaha! I actually think it is so funny and Guelet's reaction was priceless!

So on Friday, we had multi-zone training with the McGinns. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Except, Guelet volunteered me to play the piano and it was just bad. The opening hymn was fine, but the rest was just a train wreck... YOLO! But the training was great! They didn't know Spanish before coming, so they are learning just like me. President McGinn is awesome at the Spanish thing, and Hermana McGinn makes me feel better about my Spanish. They are really sweet. I was the only gringa in the meeting, so she talked to me a lot at lunch and stuffs. It's awesome because she is feeling like the exact things that I have been.  The training was really good too. We focused on the Restoration and how it is the key to helping people understand everything else in the church.

I want to tell you a little more about our ward mission leader. His name is Hermano Tapia. He is like 80 and just loves the missionaries. Every Monday, we go over to their house for FHE with our investigators and less actives. But the best thing is his wife! She is so funny! She tells me the same things like 20 times and doesn't remember a thing. She thinks I don't know anything in Spanish (which is partially true). I walked into their house last week and she gave me a giant hug. She took me by my shoulders and was like repeat after me: "Bueños días." She made me say it like 5 times, and I was like it's nighttime. She's really sweet though and using big hand gestures to make sure I get what she is saying. Guelet just sits there and laughs. It's too funny! She is the pensionista for the other hermanas in our zone. 

Next week has big things! First of all, we get to go to the temple next P-day with our zone. SUPER EXCITED! Oh yeah, and ELDER BEDNAR is coming next Wednesday!!!!! SO COOL!!!!! That's gonna be awesome! And then next Saturday we are having 3 baptisms! Good things in store!

My time is up, but I just want to say that the church is true and God hears our prayers and will answer them through His scriptures. Many times this past week, I have found answers in the scriptures to my prayers. 

One last thing, I need all's help! Our zone has a goal to fill out the booklet "My Family" Google ig you don't know what it is. There is a big push in the mission to do family history work. So, I need pics, names, dates, stories, places, and everything to fill out this book. If you could look through and see what is needed and send me the info within the next two-ish weeks, that would be awesome! Also, I encourage you to fill it out as well. You never know what you could learn. THANKS!!!!


Hermana Elise Joyner

Nuestro Padre Celestial nos contesta mediante sus palabras en las escrituras. Yo sé que esta es verdadera.

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