Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Missionary work is not easy because Salvation isn't easy! (Aug 3rd)

That's a quote from Elder Holland. SO TRUE! This week I learned that missionary work is WORK!

Anyway, first Mom. I just need to say thank you for buying me those sketchers walking shoes. They make my life so much easier when we are walking around for 5 hours straight.

Next, I'm pretty sure there is someone who has a birthday this week...not sure who... oh yeah...COLE!!!! YOU OLDIE! HOW ARE YOU GONNA BE !?!!!! ¡QUÉ EN EL MUNDO! But really bud, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish I could be there for your ordaining and the temple, but I will be thinking about you!

OH! I have really exciting news! Last Friday, I figured out how to work the shower, so now I have moderately warm water. That literally made my life!

Good luck with school this week! I look forward to hearing about it.

So! San Juan! I'll start by telling you about our "ward." I say "ward" because there are only like 70 people and not all of them show up. But they call it a ward so YOLO! The bishop is really nice and ready to do some missionary work. The ward mission leader is this cute little old man who is super excited to work with us. He has great ideas and wants to help in any way possible. Our ward has a lot of less active members, so that is where a lot of our work is concentrated. Reactivating members.

The people we are working with. When I got here, we had 2 people with a baptism date for the end of August. Within the past 4 days, we have committed 3 more people for that same day. I really hope all of them keep doing what they gotta do to make it to that day. Especially that family I told you about last week with the 4 year old. We went to their house again on Friday for a lesson, and she walked right past Hermana Guelet to give me a hug. I was like "Yeah, that's right!"

Thanks for the recipes mom! We only eat lunch and not dinner, so those will come in handy. They gave us rules and guidelines for what to eat and how to clean our food and all this. I'll be ok.

I want to share an experience that I had yesterday afternoon. On Saturday, after lunch and training, Hermana Guelet and I went out proselyting. We have plans and backup plans and backup backup plans. No one was home or would let us in to share a message. We walked from house to house for 5 hours straight without stopping. My legs and feet and back hurt, and I was hungry and thirsty from fasting, and I was exhausted. Sunday morning at church, everyone came up to me to welcome me into the ward, but most of their Spanish was slurred and mumbled, and I couldn't understand anything they were saying. That was my breaking point from the week. When we went back to our apartment for lunch, I knelt down and said just laid everything out for my Heavenly Father. I got up from my prayer and did what President McGinn said to do when we feel this way. I began in Matthew 26 and studied the Atonement. Particularly, around verse 40 (ish), when Jesus said to the Apostles, "Could you not watch with me for an hour?" That hit me! Can I not persevere and find those who He has prepared for just 18 months! I CAN! That gave me so much strength and comfort. When we went out to work after lunch, I felt no burden on my back. My bag was light even though it had the same things as Saturday. My feet and legs and back didn't hurt, and I was able to go forward being the most happy that I had been all week. I know that this is the Atonement working for me. I have never had an experience with the Atonement like that, and it was awesome! I know that Christ is walking beside me everything step of the way to strengthen me and help me complete His work. He is there and so aware of all of us! Whenever you have problems or anything that you need help with, just call on the Lord and He will help. He is there. Always. We just have to take the action to go to Him.

Well this is about all I have time for. Until next week!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Hermana Elise Joyner

Nuestro Padre Celestial contesta nuestras oraciones.

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