Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 22, 2015

I dont have any stories really to tell... Everyday is basically the
same here in the CCM. BUT IM IN WEEK 6 NOW!!!!!

¿Qué más?... Oh, I dont think Ive ever told you about our Sundays! So
all the Norte Americanos have sacrament meeting together and it's in
Spanish. Each week, we all have a different topic that we have to
right a talk on (in Spanish) and then after the sacrament, the branch
president calls 4 missionaries to go up and give their talks. I havent
given a talk but I have one sunday left so you never know... Then we
split up into out levels for Sunday school and go over a lesson in PMG
and then for Relief Society all the norte americanas are together and
we go over yet another lesson from PMG. Then we have luch. Then we
have like 4 hours of study time. IT'S AWESOME!!! Before I got here, I
didn t have any idea how I was going to study for that long. But now,
I WANT MORE!!! 4 hours isnt enough!!! I LOVE IT!!! Then we watch
either a recorded devotional from some past time from the Provo MTC or
we watch a movie like Legacy or Joseph Smith or somehting like that.
Then we have dinner. Then we watch another recorded devo from Provo.
It's great! I LOVE SUNDAYS!!! This Sunday will be a little different
because it is our last but who knows!

Something that Ive been thinking about a lot this past week is how our
Heavenly Father really hears our prayers and answers them. Anytime I
pray and ask Him a question or for something, I always get a response.
Usually it comes in the form of a scripture- which just tells you how
important the scriptures are. I am a firm believer that if you want to
talk to God, pray; if you want God to talk to you, read your
scriptures. Our scriptures have such gems in them and when we take the
time to STUDY, Heavenly Father will point out those treasures that we

 We are going to go make cookies with the MTC President's wife
(one of the Hermanas in my district asked her if we could make cookies
with her in her apartment and she said yes so theres that...).

Yo sé que mi Padre Celestial está escuchando a mis oraciones.


Hermana Elise Joyner

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