Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exodus 15:22 (October 31, 2016)

Oh, hey!  So I know I didn’t send a letter last week.  I just got really excited for all my world travel pics!  Anyway, let’s see what I can share for this past week.  Let’s just say it was a little crazy… We started out with no water for 5 days.  YAY!  It was actually just a funny Peruvian experience that makes me laugh.  Especially because it’s not the first time nor the last.  Shall we just say that I was super excited to take a shower after that…  In the midst of our lack of water, our compañera Hermana Pereyra got pretty sick so she’s been in the house since last Monday and Hermana Russell and I took turns going out with members.  It was really weird.  I kept turning around to look for my companions.  

On Wednesday, while I was playing nurse to Hermana Pereyra, we were sitting in our chairs playing a card game when everything started to move.  I’ve felt little temblores (tremors) here and there my whole mission, but this one was a lot stronger.  It was funny because it was the first one Hermana Pereyra has even felt in her life so she started freaking out and running around the house and then after it ended, she started praying for another one because it was really “fun”.  She’s a character!  On Thursday, we couldn’t find a sister to go out with one of us, so we all had to stay in.  Well, about halfway through the day, the power went out in Cañeta.  It was fine until it started to get dark.  We pulled out our flashlights and started playing card games (not easy without the light).  Then we stared out the window and watched the people try to make their way around without street lights (there’s a surprising number of people who can’t do it…hahahaha….).  It was an interesting night.  The lights finally came back at 10:15 pm, just in time for bed…  But there wasn’t water…  

On Saturday, Hermana Pereyra and I had (as Hermana McGinn called it) our “Big Day Out”.  I took her to the doctor in Lima.  The best part is that across from the hospital is a McDonalds…  It was a really good lunch…for me at least.  She couldn’t eat anything.  We’re only about 2 hours from Lima.  It’s a little different than my overnight bus ride.  

So another crazy story from this past week.  Our pensionista’s (maid) husband is a “meat man”.  I don’t know how to call it really in English, but he sells meat for a living. (she means butcher)  So she always gives us random parts of things.  Livers, stomachs, who knows what.  This past week, she stepped up the game, and as Dad says, she went to ‘a whole ‘nother level!”  She gave Hermana Russell and I our plates (Pereyra being too sick to eat it) and we started eating.  We took a couple of bites and Hermana Russell says to me, “I feel like we are just eating fat.”  We asked our pensionista what it was and so casually she states “cow utter”.  I have officially eaten the utter of a cow.  I will say that it’s better than the stomach.  Oh, only in Peru!  

So, tomorrow is Noviembre.  AHHH!  Que CRAZY!  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Where did Octobre even go?  We just got started with it!  Oh yeah…  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Eat something pumpkin for me.  

Let’s get spiritual for a moment.  I’ve been listening to the song that the choir sang at the last conference, “Take Time to Be Holy.”  How often do we take time to be holy?  To just sit and feel the spirit and receive revelation.  That was something that I thought a lot about this past week as I’ve been in the house.  I took time to turn the music off, sit in my chair, and just think.  It’s amazing what can happen when you do so.  My invitation to you this week is to find (and if you can’t find, take) time to be holy.  And then note the difference your life is after the week.  Something different will happen because it happened to me.  Well, that’s about all I got for you this week!  Hopefully my companion will get better soon so we can leave the 3 of us again.  I really love our little trio!  It’s just a fun group.  So, LOVE YOU LOTS and hope that you have a great first week of November (ahhh..)!


Hermana Elise Joyner

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