Thursday, October 20, 2016

Miracles happen every day! (October 17, 2016)

I don't have time to write an email but here is my miracle of the week!

"Miracle of the week! This is something small but for me was a real miracle. We are teaching a family and another investigator with fecha that live in the same passage way. In that passageway, there is a GIANT dog that always attacks us and wants to eat me. On Saturday, we had an important lesson with the two families, but when we went, the dog was sitting in the entrance impiding us from entering. I said a specific prayer in my heart and sent my companion to the dog. She walked up to it and then passed it. Then my other companion walked up to it and passed it. Then I walked up to it and passed it and we were able to have our lessons and set a marrage date. When we went to leave, we did it in the same way. After the last of us passed the dog, it started barking and running to attack us, but we were already outside. I know that if we say specific prayers, our Heavenly Father will answer us will specific answers. He is there to protect and guide us."


Hermana Elise Joyner

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Take Time to be Holy (October 10, 2016)

OK, dear loved ones.  I’ve not had time to write or really do anything because we’ve been busy.  I’ll try to scratch out what I can now.

Lomo Saltado

So the week before (last week in Ayacucho), we headed down to Lima for leader’s council.  It wasn’t as fun this time because the temple is closed.  When we got back, we had that morning to do service, so we went over to Magali’s house and she taught us how to make Lomo Saltado and I made my birthday cake.  So I made the cake and took it out of the oven and it smelled super good and looked super good and I was super excited.  After it cooled, I went to take it out of the pan and it wouldn’t come out.  I almost had it, but then my companion came and shook it really hard and the cake fell and crumbled out. So in my baking expertise, I took the super liquidy frosting (which still tasted yummy) and make a chocolate cake mountain!  It still had the same test, the form was just a little different.  IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!  But I can’t eat super sweet things like I could before in the U.S.  Peru has changed my sweetness tolerance.  But it was fun to be able to bake again.  

Farewell to Ayacucho
And then General Conference!  Oh I just love General Conference.  It’s just a spiritual feast all weekend long.  I got permission to watch it in English, so it was me and 4 Elders.  I was in the back with my snacks and they were up front with their snacks.  Oh the things I do to watch conference in English.  And then that night, we got the transfer calls.  Saddest call ever.  I’m excited to be here in Cañeta but I’m so sad to have left Ayacucho.  That place and the people really have a special spot in my heart!  Anyway, I spent the night packing (worst part of transfers) and then 6:30 rolled around and I woke up for my BIRTHDAY!!  It was such a good birthday.  We watched conference and listened to the prophet’s voice, had a picnic outside of the church, ate birthday pie thing, ran around saying goodbye to everyone, ate chicken with the Bishop’s family, and watched a special video that was sent to me for my B-day.  THANKS FOR THE VIDEO AND THE B-DAY WISHES!!  The other sisters got a kick out of the pics you chose.  “That was you?” “Yup, that was me!”  And I the little touch of the Pippin song you threw in there.  I just rolled my eyes and then started singing along.  Thanks Mom and Dad and everyone!  Nighttime came along and we were running around getting the suitcases and running to the bus stop.  When we got there, a ton of people from the ward showed up to send me off.  It was so sweet.  I’m gonna miss them.  I traveled on the bus for the 13th and last time.  That part I will never miss.  

Companions with Diana
Now I am here in San Vincente.  Our area is HUGE and so diverse.  It’s like farm land mixed with sand hills mixed with beach towns mixed with humble mixed with little bit wealthier mixed with who knows what else!  It’s awesome though and has really big potential.  We even had a baptism this last Saturday.  Her name is Diana.  I only taught her like twice but she is sweet and seems like she really had her conversion.  So, I am in a trio!  Hermana Russell and I were in the CCM (MTC) together and we are with Hermana Pereyra from Uruguay.  They were companions before and I’m just joining them.  They are really fun and hard workers.  We get along well.  And it’s fun to have a gringa companion… Last week we had two more sisters staying with us because they didn’t have a house.  Five sisters in one house is a lot.  So we would go out on divisions everyday.  We finally worked in our own trio for the first time on Friday when they moved out.  Here’s a fun fact!  Here in our house, we lose water all the time.  One time, we went two day without it.  And there isn’t hot water.  But you get used to it:).  

Hermana Pereyra, Russell, & Joyner
This past week I had a bit of a cold.  It was funny because by Saturday, my comps started to get it too, and they planned for us to sing at the baptism.  It was the funniest little choir!  Three sick sisters without voices singing Primary songs.  I wish I had a recording of that!  Here in Cañeta, we are still the sisters of family history and I’m still the Family History leader in the mission.  I feel like that may follow me until the end.  AHHH!!!  It’s fine; I’m learning a ton with this responsibility and getting that Spirit of Elias a little bit more each time.  I have really come to love family history here in the mission!  DO IT!  Find your names!  GO TO THE TEMPLE!  I just love the temple.  It’s a special place.  Take advantage of the closeness you have to the temple.  Especially if you live down the street from it…Dayne…  Ok, I’m out of time but I want to ask you a question.  What are you doing to apply what you learned in Conference?  How have you been changed by the Spirit you felt?  Find a way to come closer to your Savior this week.  Have a great week!  I LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Elise Joyner

(no subject) (October 4, 2016)

I have no time so here are pics and I will write a letter about last week and my b-day for the next week. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!
Yes, I got transferred. I'm now in San Vicente, Cañete with my companion....s...... TRIO!!! Still doing the family hist thing.


Hermana Elise Joyner