Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A mighty CHANGE of heart... or area...! (November 15, 2016)

Well, to start off, sorry for the lack of a letter last week. Sometimes, there is just no time. I don't know how but there just isn't.

Secondly, transfers came and went! And I went with them! It was quite the surprise because we thought that Hna Russell was gonna leave because she had been there 3 transfers already. Well we got the call, and I am opening an area in Villa Maria with Hermana YbaƱez from Argentina and... HERMANA WINWARD!!!! My CCM comp! Another trio! But this time a trio makes sense since I am leaving before the cambio. We went around and met members yesterday and a few investigators. They are so excited to have sisters! It will be a good 4 weeks. There is a lot of potential here!

Here is a funny story for you. Last week we were on an intercambio and Hna Nielsen came with us while Hna Russell went with her comp. Hna Pereyra is still not doing too good, so in the middle of the day we had to go back to the house for a while so she could rest. It was really hot so we opened all the windows, but the wind shut the door to the room with the bathroom and shut and locked it. We spent 30 minutes trying to pick the lock, and then finally the landlord just jumped out the window of our third story room and jumped in through the window with the door and unlocked it. It was super funny and just like it would happen to us.

Out of time! 


Hermana Elise Joyner

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