Monday, August 29, 2016

(No Subject) (August 29, 2016)

Monday is here again! This week was super fast. We helped the new sisters get settled into their area a little bit. We are now 6 sisters here in Ayacucho, yo being the only gringa. Guess whose Spanish is about to get really good! MINE!!!! Hahahaha, it's fun, the only other zone that I had like this was exactly a year ago in my first zone. Woah.

Ana & Elise
Here's a little miracle moment for you! This past Friday, another ward had a baptism, so we invited our investigator Jimmy (who is getting baptized next Saturday) to attend and see how it is. The baptism started late, and Jimmy told us that he was on his way from work. We sang, we prayed, we listened to the talks, and no Jimmy. We went into the room with the pila (font) and they started the prayer. During the prayer, I heard someone run in behind me and I thought it was the elders who were just outside. They perform the baptism, and I turn around and there is Jimmy! He made it in time for the ordinance! I just started laughing and it was like "Oh hey! Welcome to the baptism!" It was super funny but just a miracle that he ran in just in time for the most important part. God knows what he is doing!

So today, Hna Martos (the new hna lider) and I travel to Lima for concilio de lideres. What does that mean??? MAÑANA TEMPLO!!!! I'm pumped. I love the temple! I love that we get to go to the temple so often. Technically, it's not in our mission bounds, but we are so close that yeah. Perks of being a lider from Ayacucho! The only downside would have to be the bus ride. I just don't do well with that. It's like 10 hours of just rocking back and forth up and down. I think that everyone needs to experience it at least once in their lives. 

This past week, we went to do service with Hermana Magali and her daughter Ana who got baptized a little while ago. We cleaned her house and then she taught us how to make ahí de gallina. It's super good! It's like that chicken sauce that you make, mom, with the noodles, but this is Peruvian and you eat it with rice (of course) and potatoes. And then I made peach cobbler because peaches are a favorite fruit of everyone here. It was fun and I sent you pics.

Well, I am out of time! I hope you have a super rockin week!


Hermana Elise Joyner   

Peach Cobbler!

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