Monday, March 14, 2016

Matrimonio de los Gatos (Mar 14, 2016)

Well, this week I hit 9 months!  CRAZY!  I feel like I just left, but I've met so many amazing people and had so many wonderful experiences.  I've had my eyes opened to so many blessings that I have in my own life and how our Heavenly Father loves ALL His children.  I can't imagine how my life would be without coming to Peru.  And I can't wait to see what these next 9 months hold! AHHH!!!

So you probably want and explanation of the subject line....wait!  I wanna tell you about the Walker family before I jump into that.  The Walkers.  They are pretty much my favorite family!  I even named them myself.  Outside our house, there is a little parquecito [small park], like all the other homes in Chorrillos.  Anyway, every morning there is a family that leaves to go walk around this park.  They wear the same clothes, walk in a line in the same order every day, and always have the same objects.  Pam (the daughter) is always in front with her yoga pants, purple jacket, and a giant cup with a straw in it.  Right behind her is her mom, Judith.  Judith is a little shorter and stouter.  She always has this fuzzy brown jacket and a giant PVC pipe.  Following here is her son.  Wilson Walker.  He has a rocking sweat suit.  Gray with blue stripes.  He is all about the posture, always with his shoulders and head held high.  I think he glued his hands in his pockets because he never takes them out.  Bringing up the rear is our dad, Bob.  He always wears the same gray jacket, zipped up all the way, and these black shorts with the most rockin tennis shoes.  He has a hat and walks with his head down and his hands held behind his back.  And there you have it!  The Walkers!!!  How punny and I?!  It makes laugh every morning when we see them.  One day I'm gonna talk to them and covert them!!!

Back to the "Matrimonio del los Gatos" [marriage of the cats].  First, I'll explain what that means and then why it's the theme of this past week.  There are these things called mototaxis (Google it) and sometimes they will put giant megaphones on top of them and drive around playing advertisement on a loop.  There was like a week or two in San Juan where a moto drove around announcing "Matrimonio de los gatos! Come see the matrimonio de los gatos! Parque Rojo! Matrimonio de los gatos!"  It would go all day, especially during personal study.  I wanted to throw a watermelon.  It drove me crazy!  Anyway, this week reminded me of that.  Everywhere we went it was like MARRIAGE!  We got to watch the first hour of the YSA Face-to-Face with Elder Holland this past Tuesday.  Basically, they talked about marriage.  It was cute but also kinda weird to listen to because it was like "I'm a missionary".  It was good though!  Dayne, you should watch it if you haven't already.  And then this Thursday, all the Zones here in Lima (and with a few other missions) went to a meeting with Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the Presidency of the Seventy.  And what did he say?  "Elders y Hermanas, ustedes estan en la clase pre-matrimonio 501!"  [You are in the class pre-marriage 501]  It was pretty legit!  He spoke really good Spanish.  He talked about how we need to study the attributes of Christ in order to be ready for marriage.  And then he was like, "Don't wait too long after your mission."  I was just sitting there like "what is this?"  It was a great meeting but a little weird as well.  And for that, my subject line is "matrimonio de los gatos!"  AHHHH!!!

Ponderize!  Alma 37:38-44

These verses talk about the Liahona and how it guided Lehi and his family, how it showed them the way in the desert.  It worked according to their faith and diligence.  It helped them find their way to daily miracles in their journey.  In verse 41, it says that these miracles came when the family did the little things, when they remembered the Lord, prayed, went to church, read their scriptures, had faith, were diligent, etc.  But when they didn't do this, they couldn't progress, both as a family on their trip and individually.  But I love verse 44!  How easy is it to pay attention to the word of God!  Which leads us to a direct course of eternal happiness!  Shows us the way to the promised land!  Si tan solo prestamos atencion!  If we only pay attention!  If we do the small and simple things, we get a straight shot to Eternal Life with our families!  Tan facil es!  How easy it is!  We just gotta do it.  We just gotta start today.  Pick one thing that maybe you aren't doing or maybe aren't doing diligently.  Pick it, pray, and promise to Heavenly Father to do it.  I promise He will help!  I've seen it in my own life and in the life of those we teach.  Gosh!  The Book of Mormon is so neat!

Well, that's all I got for right now.  I'll probably think of more things I wanted to say 20 minutes after I finish interneting.  It always happens.  But for now, that's it!

I hope you have an AWESOME week!

Love Love Love,
Hermana Elise Joyner

P.S. Happy Birthday Papa!!!



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