Monday, March 7, 2016

Another Monday! (Mar 7, 2016)

Another Monday! Gosh, time is flying by! And lots of crazy news to open in my email! Mostly coming from Dayne. Glasses, Canada, what's next! Hahahahaha, I'm glad you all are finding new adventures. 

This past week was busy but not. We had to lead a workshop about family history in our leaders council this week and then do it again for our zone. As far as our lessons and area, we've been walking a lot. A lot of our appointments have been falling through and so it's just been one of those weeks. Every time this happens, I make myself and Hermana Giler say one thing that we are grateful for and one miracle that we had that day. Can I just tell you how much it lifts your spirit when you focus on gratitude rather than complaining and pitying yourself? Really, the grace and miracles of God are all around us if we just look. 

We got some good stuff coming up! Tomorrow, we get to participate in the Face-to-Face with Elder Holland (if we bring someone that we teach with us). Thursday, the Zones here in Lima will have a conference with Elder  Robbins from the Presidency of the 70. And then GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! And then we are going to have another training by an Area 70 within the first couple weeks of April. I'M PUMPED!!! Good stuff is happening!

Ponderize! I don't have time to write out paragraphs, but I really liked the scripture this week.

This week: Alma 37:38-44 (I don't remember if i have used this one or not).

That's all I got time for, but I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Elise Joyner

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