Monday, March 21, 2016

HE IS RISEN!!!! (Mar 21, 2016)

Family History Sisters from El Salvador and Ica
Easter is this week and General Conference is the next! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! What are you doing to prepare????

MADDIE IS COMING TO PERU!!!!! YASSSSSS!!!!!! Peru is just something special! SHE'S GONNA LOVE IT!!!

I also don't have a lot of time, so I will paste my Pres letter and then explain more about Hermana Esperanza next week when I write out a letter (she is a hoot and a half!). 

"This week's miracle comes from a reference from a member. We went to visit an active family and share the Aleluya video. When we asked for references, the brother, Hermano Guzman, gave us a reference of one of his friends from the local market, Hermana Esperanza. She is an older lady who lives alone and has a lot of questions about religion. We went to contact her immediately and set up an appointment. There was a special spirit when we were teaching her as we testified that God is our Father. We invited her to come to stake conference and her answer was "well why not?! when will you pick me up?" She was so excited to come with us and was ready waiting at the door of her house when we went. She felt a feeling of family in the Stake Center. She said she couldn't hear many things because the volume wasn't that loud, but her response was, "when we come next time, we have to sit right up front!" She is already planning for church next week! This is a miracle to me. That we found a receptive investigator who came to church. We haven't had much success with investigators in the capilla [chapel] lately, but Hermana Esperanza came!" 

PONDERIZE!!!!!! Oh wait. There is no scripture this week... Next week???

I was gonna tell you something else, but I literally cannot remember for the life of me... oh well, I will write it next week. Hopefully something crazy will happen so that I can liven up my emails a little more. Sorry!


Hermana Elise Joyner

After an exhausting day!

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