Monday, November 23, 2015


MOM! GUESS WHAT! I got my birthday package this week! It made me so happy! I loved the "birthday in an envelope." It was funny because the front was stamped September 8th and I got it November 17. Also, I got a Christmas package from Aunt Julie. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! I've started sharing the goodies with the kids we visit and they just love it! I also gave the stocking to my comp. She took out the doTerra oils and got so confused about what they were. It was a really funny conversation trying to explain what they are. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

GRANDMA!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 29 is still lookin good on you! I love you sooooo much and think about you every time I load up my laundry bag and head over to the lady who washes our clothes. I am so grateful for you and all that you have done and do for me. LOVE YOU!!!!

Next week is cambios again, so I probs won't write until Tuesday. Heads up! There is a possibility that I will get transferred this time, so we will see...

Here is just a funny little thing from yesterday that lets you know I am in Peru. I was walking down the street yesterday and just see this guy crossing the street with a llama on a leash. In Lima that doesn't usually happen, but in the mountain area of our mission it does. It was just funny!

I'm gonna ponderize real quick here! Cole, I was so impressed with your scripture! I like how it talked about how we can prosper and have success. THe scriptures really do hold all the keys to help us be the best that we can be. When we can ready study and meditate on the things we read and apply them, Satan aint got no power!

This past week, I have been working really hard trying to help Cristian and Magaly work on Family History. We were able to help them find names and were able to go to the temple with these names on Saturday so that they could do baptisms and confirmations. It was awesome! Cristian did it for his Dad. He just came out with the biggest smile on his face and said that he felt the spirit so strongly. That made me so happy because of how hard we had to work to get him to be baptized. It was just an awesome morning! 

So here is a funny story to let you know how far off I am. Me and the gringas in my zone have been super excited for Thanksgiving. It's usually the 3rd week in Nov right? Which was this past week. We don't have a calendar to tell us otherwise, so we celebrated it this past week. We had a grand Peru version of el dia de gracias! It was legit. But I guess we will just have to celebrate it again!!! YAY!!!!!!

That's all I got time for this week! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THE GOODIES AND LOVE!!!!


Hermana Elise Joyner

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