Monday, October 19, 2015

Mom and Dad, I Have to Tell You Something.... (Oct 19, 2015)

I'M HAVING A DAUGHTER!!!(meaning she will be a trainer to a new missionary) That's why I'm writing today and not tomorrow. I go to pick her up tomorrow. We got the call on Saturday, and let's just say I didn't believe my DL at first. I JUST FINISHED MY TRAINING! I am going to be praying A LOT this week. As far as ponderizing the Corinthians scripture (2 Corinthians 2:9), I think it totally fits the situation I am in right now. God has stuff prepared for me that I can't (and wouldn't) even imagine! And I know that through His Atonement and with His help, I can do it. I just need to rely on Him. And I will. A LOT! Oh goodness me...

So I don't have that much time, but I do want to tell you about ______ and ______. THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!! They told us last Monday that they wanted to be baptized on Thursday, so we were working on getting that organized.  When they came for their baptism, they were just smiling so wide and were just shining! They bore their testimonies afterwards and I just felt the spirit and almost started crying because I was so happy that they took that decision. And in a year, they can be sealed as an eternal family!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!

I'm legit out of time. An hour is so short to do all I have to do.

The scripture to ponderize this week: Enos 1:26-27. Alex pick one to share this next week. 


Hermana Elise Joyner

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