Monday, May 2, 2016

May, Meetings, and Mothers! (May 2, 2016)

May is here!!!!! And so is Fall!!! AHHH!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! These past two weeks, a coolness has come to Chorrillos. The mornings, nights, and when the sun goes down in the afternoon are a bit chilly. Not cold yet, but chilly. However, when the sun comes out in the morning and afternoon, it's still kinda hot. But not as hot because the sun isn't as bad. But still. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

This week, May has brought us a mountain of meetings! Tomorrow, we have the Leader's Council, Wed is a special meeting just for all the Hermanas of the mission, Thurs is our Zone Council, Fri is a Multi-zone Conference here in Lima, and Sat is our weekly planning, with Sunday being Mother's Day. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

Pres Letter quote (he likes us to write a miracle each week if you haven't noticed)-  

"Miracle of the week! This week has been full of tender mercies from the Lord. The miracle that touched me the most was the power of service. Patty Cerna is a less active who is very closed off and has always avoided us since I got here in Las Villas. We finally caught her outside of her house Friday afternoon. She was knee deep with things to do in and outside of her house to prepare for her family that was coming in town. She was super stressed, so when we offered to help, she accepted. It was such a surprise and miracle that she let us past the gate. As we began to help her clean up her yard, we started to talk to her and found out a lot of little things that we could converse about and ways we could tie it to the gospel and testify. She said that she she was super grateful and liked to talk to us. We set up another appointment to teach her family this week. Her husband and son are not members. I know that when we strive to work with the menos activos, we can have the promise that Elder Godoy shared with us. We are finding through our less actives!"
(The promise from Elder Godoy was that if we worked to rescue more less actives, our baptisms would double). 

I don't remember a scripture being given from this last week, so.... PONDERIZE MY OWN SCRIPTURE READING!!!!! I was reading in Alma 43 this morning. I really liked verses 19-21.

19 And when the armies of the Lamanites saw that the people of Nephi, or that Moroni, had prepared his people with breastplates and with arm-shields, yea, and also shields to defend their heads, and also they were dressed with thick clothing—

 20 Now the army of Zerahemnah was not prepared with any such thing; they had only their swords and their cimeters, their bows and their arrows, their stones and their slings; and they were naked, save it were a skin which was girded about their loins; yea, all were naked, save it were the Zoramites and the Amalekites;

 21 But they were not armed with breastplates, nor shields—therefore, they were exceedingly afraid of the armies of the Nephites because of their armor, notwithstanding their number being so much greater than the Nephites.

Even though there were so many more Lamanites than Nephites, they were afraid of the Nephites. Why? The Nephites had armor. They got up and got dressed that morning for the battle! They put on their defensives. Comparing with the Lamanite army, they didn't have anything. Just a little cloth that didn't cover much. Numbers don't matter when you don't have the necessary protection. SO, let's take a personal application here. What do you put on as your defense every day? Is the enemy afraid of you even though they have a bigger team? I know that as we do the little things each and every day, we are building the spiritual protection that we need. Read the scriptures, pray, serve, go to the temple, ask Heavenly Father what else He wants you to do and then do it!!!!! I love all the things you can learn from the war chapters!

That's all the time I got for now. Talk to you in... 6 DAYS!!!!!!!! (talk to my folks in 4...)


Hermana Elise Joyner

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