Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Whenever I hear the song of a bird or look at the, BLUE BLUE SKY!!!! (Aug 31st - pt 1)

What an awesome week this was!!! Oh my goodness! The weather especially has been awesome! And by awesome, I mean there was sun and almost a blue sky for 3 days! If you dont know, the sky in Lima here is usually very cloudy without sun. But it has been marvelous!!!

First things first! Dayne- I swear if you go to Kelli O'Hara's concert and don't get me a picture and something signed by her for me, a year from December, you will get the noogie of a lifetime! But for reals! I'm so jealous! I already missed Laura Osnes with MOTAB. 

And COLE! Look at you moving up in the world of OYP! Good luck with all!

Alex, I hope you have a fab first week! My motto is "Make it to Sunday!" But with the MTC and my first week here, I thought I was going to die and the MTC would take forever until Sunday. After the first Sunday, everything went so fast. And same with my first transfer. So, you can make it to Sunday!

Dayne and Holly, here's a fun fact for you! Peru is very proud of their chia seeds here and they are super cheap! Let's just say a couple times a week, I have chia seed pancakes for bfast...

Guess what is in one month..... GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! I am super excited! Lately I have been really wanting to watch conference, but I still gotta wait another month. BUT we can all start preparing now to be ready to receive that inspiration and revelation that just flows during conference time. 

As far as the shower goes, we still don't have hot water, so cup showers. Actually starting yesterday morning, we don't have water at all... Hey Peru! It's fine, we just need it to cook, and wash, and everything with the bathroom. Hopefully, they will get it sorted out later this day.,..

Mom, did I ever tell you that Hermana Winward taught me how to braid. I thought you would want to know that.

Have you ever been in an earthquake? I hadn't either... until Friday. We are on a fault line here in Peru, so I've been waiting for it for the past 2 months. Well, Friday at like 1:30, I was sitting at the table, studying our area book, and Guelet was cooking lunch. All of a sudden, everything started to shake for like 20 secs (ish). We looked at each other and were just like OK. I started laughing bc I've never been in an earthquake before. It was really funny to me. Guelet just kept saying "this building is anti-seismic. they felt it a lot worse on the ground." And I was like ok. It was pretty legit. 

This week is going to be kind of a hard one. Guelet leaves on Sunday, so that leaves me to know the entire area and all the people and everything involved with San Juan. It's kind of stressful and I'm a little scared for her to leave and to have to show a new companion around the area and "lead hte are" how they say. BUT I know that the Presidente and the Lord knew that I would have to do this and they have confidence in me. SO, I got this! 

Speaking of leaving, next week are transfers, so I won't be emailing until Tuesday. FYI


Hermana Elise Joyner

P.S. ONE MORE WEEK FOR MI FAMILIA LIBRO!!!  I need pics from Mom's side, dates and birth places from all siblings of everyone, and stories of my great gparents

  • Is the Peruvian food spicy?  Or have you really been able to tell since you only cook for yourself? i haven't had peruvian food bc we cook for ourselves, but from what ive seen, its more bland
  • Is your shower fixed?  Is the shower like the kind Dayne had on  his mission where it is plugged into electricity by the shower head?  Wear your rubber shower shoes kid!  yeah, the shower is the electricity thing
  • How close are the nearest members to you? a street over
  • How is your Spanish at this point?  Can you understand people when they talk fast yet? i cant talk any better, but i can understand more
  • Do you always walk in your area or do you take a bus or taxi anywhere? walk everywhere except one area where we have to take a "motor"
  • What time do you have to be in at night? by 9, or 9:30 

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