Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Cambios! (Sep 8th)

Ok, friends, family, everyone in between! I am officially half way through training! HUZZAH!!!! I don't have a lot of time to write because I spent too long reading emails, but there isn't much to tell anyway. 

COLE! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Way to be! That part is awesome even if you don't think that it is. [Cole has a new part in the OYP play Charley and the Chocolate Factory]  If it makes you feel better, I was usually in the background of the plays that I did. But I did my part with all my heart and had a blast. You're gonna be awesome! 

CAMBIOS! Hermana Guelet is gone. She left Sunday after church. It was kinda hard because she was packing her stuff and is going home to her family and it was just kinda like, oh yeah. I'm still doing this for like 15 more months. But all is well, and I am glad to be here!

At 6:15am yesterday, we had to be in our stake center for cambios. SO EARLY! Anyway, my new companion is Hermana Zambrano. She is from Columbia and is just the cutest! She wears her heart on her sleeve for EVERYONE! Like literally, she is just so full of love. 

Mom, don't worry, the first thing that I did yesterday when Zambrano came was find a pensionista. No more cooking lunch! Thank goodness! It took too much time to prepare food every day.

Well, I am out of time. I know that this isn't a very satisfying email, but I will try to make up for it next week.

Thanks for all your help with the family history! I greatly appreciate it. It will definitley help as I share it with the people we teach.


Hermana Elise Joyner

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