Tuesday, January 12, 2016

God Be With You Till We Meet Again, San Juan (Jan 12, 2016)

Elise saying "goodbye" to San Juan
Well, my dear family and friends, after almost 6 months in San Juan, I GOT TRANSFERRED!!! I only got transferred to an area like 30 min from San Juan so it's not that big of a move because I'm still in Lima. I am in Las Villas of Chorrillos (Dayne, help them pronounce it in Spanish). Chorrillos is kinda of the richer part, compared to San Juan. They have dogs on leashes here and everything! Unfortunatley, it is even more humid here and still hot (apparently not as hot as Taylor... bahahaha! Thanks for the email shout out). I'm gonna be a lobster all summer, I can just feel it. In San Juan, it was easier to find places of shade but not as much here. My companion is Hermana Giler (He-ler). She is from Ecuador and has 13 months in the mission. I got to know here my first transfer and am super excited to be able to be companions. She is full of love! Another thing is my new responsibility. I am a Sister Trainer Leader over Family History. I don't know if I told you about this, but there is a giant FH push in our mission because we have the temple so close. As the sister over this, my companion and I will go to the temple a lot with the different zones, train the other hermanas that are in FH, and do lots of stuff. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I've always felt a desire and a need to do family history and now I can learn how! YAY!!!!!! I thought that was funny how Dayne mentioned that in his letter too.

Well, I'm out of time, but I will try to have a more substantial letter next week. 

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


Hermana Elise Joyner

Elise in San Juan

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