Monday, June 29, 2015

Wednesday ~ June 17, 2015 - "I'm in Peru!"

ok, i dont know how to work this keyboard so forgive me. i have like 5 minutes.
im here. that should be an exclamation point but i dont know how to make it do that. we landed at 12 last night, got through the airport and left at like 1.30 and made it to the mtc at around 2.15. we got to bed at like 3.30 last night only to wake up at 7.30. they let us sleep in a whole hour. except i couldnt sleep because there was a rooster crowing all night but i will get used to that.
weve gotten our name tags and companions and will go to meet the mtc pres after this. this is all the time i have right now.
you can send this to cole. i tried to add his email but i dont know how to make the at symbol for an email. i added all of yours when i was at home but didnt know his email address.
all is well and peruvian.
love you and thank you for the wonderful notes and the picture book
hermana elise joyner

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